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SBI Twin-Pods-Holder Smartphone Case

SBI Twin-Pods-Holder Smartphone Case

SBI Twin-Pods-Holder Smartphone Case

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Introducing the SBI Twin-Pods-Holder Smartphone Case!

With mobile phones now being close to a $1,000 investment, we've combined sleek, high-end protection for your phone with the convenience of an earpiece holster.

Instead of worrying about trying to keep your SBI Twin-Pods in your ears when not in use or trying not to lose one of them, simply use our SBI Twin-Pods-Holder Smartphone Case to both protect your phone in style and store your Twin-Pods away until you need them!


  • Safe storage to protect both your phone and SBI Twin-Pods investments
  • Convenient storage for quick access when you need them
  • 2-in-1 case so you can carry both your phone and Twin-Pods simultaneously
  • Compatible with iPhones®
  • Sleek design minimizes bulkiness without sacrificing style
  • Color-abundance so you can stylishly match your case with things like your sunglasses, clothes, or even your SBI Twin-Pods!

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